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Weight Loss Center in Long Beach, CA

Achieve 3 to 5 Pounds of Weight Loss Per Week, And Get in Great Shape in a Fraction of the Time with a Long Beach Nutrition and Fitness Specialist!


If you’re serious about losing weight and looking great, you need a diet and exercise program based on:

  • Your weight loss and fitness goals
  • Your body’s unique nutritional needs
  • Your current condition and metabolism
  • Your lifestyle and the activities you love

In short, you need a nutrition and fitness lifestyle program that’s as unique as you are!

Dr. Michael is a nutrition and fitness specialist in Long Beach with years of graduate-level nutritional training. He’s also an expert certified strength and conditioning trainer with over 30 years of experience in the nutrition, weight management and exercise fields.

Dr. Michael’s unique approach to weight loss and fitness gives you extraordinary results in a fraction of the time. You’ll enjoy satisfying foods, fun activities and leave the sweat, stress and soreness of a regular gym behind.

Easy Nutritional and Metabolic Assessment

You’ll start with an easy dietary analysis, using a top-rated software by the American Dietetic Association. We also offer a range of tests to analyze the nutritional content of what you eat and how you body is processing what you eat. No more guesswork!

Full-Spectrum Lifestyle and Condition Assessment

Next we’ll look at your current activities and assess your current physiology and condition, to determine a program that will match your lifestyle, boost your metabolism and get you in great shape fast!

European-Based Weight Loss Program

We offer a nutritionally balanced, customized European-based weight loss program with lots of satisfying delicious choices. This unique program balances your blood sugar and boosts your metabolism to help you lose 3 to 5 pounds per week. You’ll be supported nutritionally as needed by supplements that are ranked #1 by the Nutritional Guide to Supplementation.

Revolutionary Equipment

Dr. Michael will teach you time-saving workouts on revolutionary fitness equipment so advanced it has only been available in training centers for world-class athletes and research centers. With this unique fitness equipment, you can get in shape without the stress, soreness and potential injury of common gym equipment. You’ll get exceptional results in a fraction of the time, regardless of your age or current physical condition.

Fast Results and Long-Term Weight Loss

This unique combination of customized nutrition and fitness boosts your metabolism so you will continue to burn calories long after you exercise—even while you’re sitting at dinner, driving or relaxing with a movie. You’ll get lean and strong fast, feel great and be able to enjoy everything you love in life even more.

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