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Success Stories

Over the years, patients of Dr. Michael have experienced great success in getting out of pain, increasing their strength and mobility… and getting back to the things they love in life.

Please click the arrow to watch patients tell their success stories on the video. Or click on the text links below to find out more about the written testimonial stories. If you’re in pain and not able to do the things you love, just give us a call or send an email for fast relief!

Internist M.D. Recommends Dr. Michael as Therapist

As an internist, I have a critical eye for the treatments that I recommend to my patients and have found Dr. Majancsik to be the best therapist and coach… (more)


CEO of Senior Health Plan Impressed with the Quality of Care

I have been impressed and delighted with the quality of care. For 24 years, I was the CEO of a senior health plan that contracted with thousands of doctors… (more)


From Bedridden to Back to Enjoying Quality of Life

I developed muscle atrophy throughout my body and severe arthritis in both knees as a result of an injury which left me bedridden 3 years ago. Your personal commitment has gotten me up and going again, and given back my quality of life… (more)


Chief Supervisor in the Longshore Industry Recommends Dr. Michael

I have been a patient of Dr. Michael’s for several years and have been treated for elbow, forearm, neck and shoulder injuries of various sorts. Dr. Michael is a man who cares about each individual attaining the maximum health status possible… (more)

Success and Wellness Coach Recovers from Degenerative Osteoarthritis

His passion for innovation and his excellence as a healing artist in the realm of Arthritis Recovery have transformed my body and my life.  In less than 3 months, I have evolved form a woman twice crippled with arthritis to being a fundamentally pain-free athlete once again… (more)