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Success and Wellness Coach Recovers from Degenerative Osteoarthritis

I feel compelled to share my good fortune in overcoming the devastating effects of degenerative osteoarthritis so that others might benefit, too.

I became crippled by arthritis – first in my left knee and then in my right.  I was relegated to using a walker for about 6 weeks and then crutches for about 1-1/2 years.  I empathize with the excruciating pain and limitations of arthritis that affects 50+% of people over 50 – and 80+% of people over 65.

Then I met Dr. Michael Majancsik, Chiropractic Physician. His passion for innovation and his excellence as a healing artist in the realm of Arthritis Recovery have transformed my body and my life.

In less than 3 months, I have evolved from a woman twice crippled with arthritis to being a fundamentally pain-free athlete once again.  I am feeling unprecedented joy.  It is with extreme gratitude that I wish to recommend this amazing work.

Besides being a master of his healing art, Dr. Majancsik is humble, respectful, and a great listener. He honors your feedback, considering you as the best source of knowledge about your body– a delight in every regard to work with.



Linda L. Brown, M.A.

Success and Wellness Coach