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From Bedridden to Back to Enjoying Quality of Life

I’d developed muscle atrophy throughout my body and severe arthritis in both knees as a result of an injury which left me bedridden 3 years ago. At the beginning of this year, and on my own, I began the slow, painful process of transitioning from the bed to a wheel-chair, and eventually to using a walker at home. Eight months later, however, I still was not strong enough to go anywhere without my wheelchair.

When I learned of Dr. Michael’s program I quickly made an appointment for a free consultation. I was impressed with his integrity, professionalism, education and training skills, and ability to address my immediate needs. In the privacy of his office, and with state of the art equipment, Dr. Michael created a customized nutritional and personalized exercise regimen designed to double my strength, increase my mobility, and decrease my dependency upon the wheelchair. The amazing thing is that he promised to accomplish all this in 6 weeks!

Well, I can guarantee you Dr. Michael is a man of his word and keeps his promises. Not only that, he has a great sense of humor and compassion that makes the experience fun and enjoyable. Thus, I was able to stay focused and motivated, and to accomplish far more than the goals he’d given me. Thank you, Dr. Michael, for your professional help and concern. Your personal commitment has gotten me up and going again, and given back my quality of life. I highly recommend your services to anyone who has need of them. They’ll never regret it. God bless you!

Ruth B.