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Chief Supervisor in the Longshore Industry Recommends Dr. Michael

I have been a patient of Dr. Michael’s for several years and have been treated for elbow, forearm, neck and shoulder injuries of various sorts.  Dr. Michael is a man who cares about each individual attaining the maximum health status possible.  He is a consummate professional who applies his knowledge not only to his patients, but in his daily personal life as well.  His programs stem from continued updating of both modern procedures and seminars to information shared by other professionals in journals or internet.


Dr. Michael has programs for weight loss, nutrition, fitness and exercise as well as full chiropractic service.  I know, from personal experience, that the Longshore industry need’s the services of this individual, and I would recommend that you see for yourself, the improvement in your daily life that can be gained from working with Dr. Michael.


Jon Adams

Chief Supervisor